Why Lipscomb?

We asked some faculty who came to Lipscomb after teaching at other institutions what they love about being here, and this is what they said:

“I adore the students here. They have a great work ethic, a genuine enthusiasm, and underscoring all of it is our common Christian faith. The growth of the campus and the excitement around the Lipscomb community makes Lipscomb an amazing place to be involved.”
-David Hardy, Assistant Prof. of Theatre Set and Lighting Design

"Faculty are genuinely interested in student learning and are willing to go to great lengths to assist their students in learning. Students seem to feel at ease on Lipscomb’s campus and happily interact with other students and even faculty in comfortable ways.”
-Randy Bybee, Ph.D, Associate Prof. of Physics

“Given the opportunity, I would continue to teach here forever”
-Dr. David Lawrence, Prof. of History

“Not only do I work with outstanding students and faculty here in the College of Pharmacy, but I also have the unique opportunity to teach complex and stimulating material in an environment where faith is encouraged.”
-Dr. Joe 
Deweese, Assistant Prof. of Pharmaceutical Sciences

“I feel that this is where I belong and I consider this to be my calling. I love the students and having the opportunity to interact with them through teaching is what I was meant to do. The atmosphere, fellowship, collegiality and the opportunity to teach eager minds is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. As department chair I have the opportunity to meet with every one of our majors. And being a fairly small department (60 + students) I get to know each person. The professors attempt to make students feel as if they can come to us with any problem whether if be academic or personal. This close affiliation with the ones I teach, in my opinion, is something that doesn’t happen at other universities. Lipscomb affords us the unique opportunity to mentor students and form close associations with them now and into the future. In short, this is the best thing I have ever done.”
Geddes, Ph.D, Dept. Chair, Computing and Information Technology

“Folks here seem to go out of their way to help and are genuinely concerned about others.”
-Dr. Greg Nordstrom, Associate Prof. of Engineering

“I’ve always taught in Christian schools, and I’m thankful for a life of ministry in those schools. I’m so thankful to God for letting me teach at Lipscomb!”
-Deb Holloway, Assistant Prof. of
Theatre and English 

“I am proud of God’s presence at and through Lipscomb University and can say with complete conviction, that this place is right for students and employees who seek hope, joy, and purpose.”
Galbreath, Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Practice

“The connection with the education community in Nashville and members of the Lipscomb community within that framework brought me to Lipscomb. I appreciate the spiritual emphasis that was not present in the public school setting nor in my previous private university experience.”
Engilsh, Director of Teacher Education