Why Lipscomb?

What transfer students are saying about their decision to enroll at Lipscomb:

"I chose Lipscomb because it has a great location with many things to do in the surrounding area. There are so many clubs and groups on campus to be involved in as well. Another major deciding factor was the prestige of Lipscomb's College of Business. There is always something going on around campus or in Nashville!"

Jessica Flick Buskirk
Mt. Pleasant, TN

"While attending community college, I did not know where my next step would lead me. I visited Lipscomb's campus and loved it. As soon as I stepped on the campus, I felt like I was home. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I could see that they have a great community. I also liked the idea of a small class ratio. I have been able to have great relationships with my professors and know they will help in anyway they can. Music is a big part of my life. Nashville has all types of music opportunities and my dreams have come realities in more ways then I thought they ever would. After I graduate, I plan on making Nashville my home and will stay involved with Lipscomb anyway I can."

Miranda Davidson
Paducah, KY
Health and Physical Education Major

"I chose Lipscomb University because the faculty, staff, professors and students made me feel welcome and at home. I knew this community would take good care of me. My experiences in relationships and academics have proven this to be true. I will never regret choosing Lipscomb University."

Abby Lomax
Nashville, TN

"I chose Lipscomb because after two years of hard work and dedication at earning my associates degree, I was finally ready to move to a school with a faith based community that I knew would help me work toward success. I instantly fell in love with the small campus size, overwhelming sense of community and amazing hands on communications department (as well as all the delicious restaurants so close by!!) I've made so many incredible friendships here in such a short time, I truly feel blessed to be a Bison!"

Grace Mestad
Riverside, IA

"Lipscomb is a beautiful campus but the real beauty lies in the hearts of the professors. Not only can you get to know them on a personal level but you will want them to know you on a personal lever. Recently I interviewed for a medical school and prior to the interview I noticed my Biology professor had posted on my wall with the following messaged, "Whispered a prayer for your trip this morning! -The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Deuteronomy 31:8." That is the kind of experience you cannot buy and that is standard at this school. Coming to Lipscomb was the best decision I have ever made."

Cameron Lowry
Midway, Utah

"I chose Lipscomb for various reasons.  I am a husband and father, so the #1 reason for considering Lipscomb was its location: it is a short 30 minute drive from my house.  Of almost equal importance was the fact that it offered the only degree in sustainability in the Nashville area.  Those two things, along with Lipscomb's academic reputation, are what steered me in the direction of attending the university."

Jon Berry
Hendersonville, TN
Sustainable Practice

What faculty are saying about their decision to teach at Lipscomb:


As a biomedical scientist who is passionate about both disease-relevant research and teaching in a Christian environment, Lipscomb was the perfect choice for where I would live out my vocational calling. Many schools have excellent teachers that interact with their students individually and teach them effectively; other schools excel in cutting-edge and relevant scientific research. However, very few colleges excel in both of these areas. I have found that Lipscomb does; I am able to spend much of my time in the classroom with students, which is my primary passion, and I am supported to work individually with students on cancer research in the laboratory. Lipscomb seamlessly weaves its commitment to supporting our students academically and spiritually with providing both students and faculty the resources and opportunities to pursue excellence in their fields. 


I came to Lipscomb because of the MOMENTUM that was evident in the students, faculty and administration.  What do I mean by the big Mo?  Values, direction and strategy come from the top and trickle down.  From the top I saw world changing goals an I wanted to be a part.  When you surround yourself with others who challenge you to dream bigger and actually believe that you can do it, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  


Having spent an amount of time in various aspects of the entertainment industry (film, television, theatre, opera, etc.) I have found that nowhere in our nation is there a community as vibrant, productive, energetic, and creative as right here at Lipscomb University.  I have had the opportunity to be involved with several academic institutions in different regions of the country and while some have vibrant communities as well; it is the opportunity to serve Nashville and the greater Nashville community that make this teaching appointment such a pleasure.  The SALT program, Missions, and Global Learning, to name a few, offer opportunities for students to touch the lives of local Nashvillians as well as opportunities across Tennessee, the greater US, and many countries across the world.  Meanwhile, our own campus community offers many vibrant cultural offerings right here on campus.  It truly is a gift and blessing to be able to come to our campus each day and eagerly await the next student to mentor; the next opportunity to serve; the next celebration of the arts we get to share with others.


After graduating from college, I moved to Nashville to work. While working, I was also teaching the college Bible class and working with the students at church and began to feel I needed more biblical education. So I enrolled in a master’s program in Bible at Lipscomb. I chose Lipscomb because it was in town, my brother and some friends had gone there and had good experiences, and I am a member of Churches of Christ. That time in the master’s program was a period of great spiritual and intellectual growth for me as I learned from a faculty whose interests were not merely academic but who cared about me as a person and my spiritual growth. While in that program, I began to feel a call to the ministry of scholarship and teaching. Members of the faculty encouraged me to pursue my calling by moving on toward a doctorate in biblical studies.

While involved in doctoral studies, Lipscomb invited me to join the Bible faculty, and I did in the Fall of 2000. Lipscomb has been a wonderful place to work. I enjoy teaching at a place where spiritual formation of students is at the core of all we do. I am blessed to have colleagues who are not only great scholars but also women and men of the church. And I have learned much about who God is and how he is at work from my daily interactions with students.


When I was a sophomore in college, I chose to transfer schools. I wish I had transferred to Lipscomb! Making the decision to transfer and navigating through the transition can be hard-- it's scary thinking about making new friends, working with a new advisor, and getting acclimated to a new campus. At Lipscomb, a community exists that is welcoming and supportive for all students, and there are so many opportunities to get engaged and involved!  It's not difficult to find "your people" here. When I eventually saw the light and came to Lipscomb as an employee, I was a little unsure about how I'd fit in since I do not have a Church of Christ background. I was concerned that I would be isolated or that my views would be too liberal. In fact, what I've found is a network of people who have servant hearts and who truly care about one another. I wish I would have come to Lipscomb sooner-- this is the type of place that propels it's members (students and staff alike) to reach their fullest potential.


I’m a career educator, having been on the faculty of Vanderbilt University and the United States Air Force Academy, and I must say that teaching engineering at Lipscomb University is the most rewarding and enjoyable place I’ve ever worked. The faculty and staff are kind and understanding, and the students are the best! I truly look forward to coming to work each and every day.

I’m a product of big schools (Arizona State University, University of Tennessee, and Vanderbilt University), and honestly had little understanding of the benefits of a smaller, more focused education. At ASU, where I did my undergraduate work, I was one of over 10,000 students on the main campus alone and UT and Vanderbilt are similarly large. I couldn’t really get to know my teachers or even more than a few of my classmates, and classes often had more than 100 students.

I was the first one in my family to get a college degree, and didn’t really know anything about colleges, college life, or what to look for when choosing a university. Now that I’ve seen both sides, I can say without reservation that small universities in general, and Lipscomb in particular, would have been at the top of my list. I’m thankful and blessed to be here serving students and producing some of the best engineers on the planet. Go Bisons!


I spent 19 years in the automotive industry before moving to college teaching where I have been for 18 years.  When I came to Lipscomb in 2011, I immediately began teaching adult students in evening classes.  I find working with adults especially rewarding because of the rich experiences they bring to the classroom.  At Lipscomb I also appreciate the opportunity to integrate my management experiences with faith. 

My areas of interest include enterprise systems and operations and supply chain management. In enterprise systems we learn how firms can use computer based systems to improve their business processes and decision making.  In operations and supply chain management my students see how firms create value all the way from raw material to final customers and ultimately, the end of a product's life.   In particular, I have a great interest in including sustainability in my classes, as the operational part of most firms has a significant environmental impact.  I want my students to see how firms can be responsible stewards of God's creation and respond to the needs of customers and shareholders.


I had no affiliation with Lipscomb or any Christian University before interviewing for my current job at Lipscomb. I had been raised in a church of Christ environment put choose to pursue my college education at a state university due to financial reasons. I also never really saw why anyone would want to pay so much for an education when, to the best of my knowledge, a state school provided something at least as good, or better. I decided to interview for my job at Lipscomb because it was a small teaching institution and that was high on my priority list. After spending a day with my interview team, I was convinced that Lipscomb was where I wanted to spend my career. Lipscomb had something I had never seen at in a University environment: top quality academics and a loving Christian family surrounding you. That was eight years ago and I look forward to spending the next 30 or so years providing what I could not value as an 18 year old high school senior: a Christian education.