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Our Transfer Admissions Counselors are eager to help you however they can!

Reggie Blair

Reggie Blair — Transfer Students from Tennessee community colleges.

Email Reggie at, or give him a call at 615.966.6225.




Shawn Beaver

Shawn Despot — Transfer Students from four-year institutions

Whatever questions you have about Lipscomb, Shawn is eager to help.  Email her at, or give her a call at 615.966.6218.



Aaron Burtch

Aaron Burtch — Transfer Students from community colleges outside Tennessee, and Veterans, non-degree, returning, and visiting students.

Before he came to Lipscomb in 2008, Aaron was a weekend news sports anchor in Texas and a broadcast producer for the Detroit Pistons. So go ahead and ask him anything—he’s a good talker.

Email Aaron at, or give him a call at 615.966.6135.