2015-16 Graduate Tuition Rates

Aging Services Per Hour
Master of Professional Studies $934
Certificate Programs $525
Bible and Ministry (see below for Theology)  
Master of Arts in Christian Practice $500
Biomolecular Science  
Master of Science $934
Master of Accountancy $1,190
Master of Business Administration $1,290
Master of Human Resources $1,150
Master of Management $1,150
Civic Leadership  
Master of Arts $1,274
Computing and Technology  
Master of Science $1,226
Certificate Programs $1,226
Conflict Management  
Master of Arts $1,274
Certificate Program $1,274
Doctor of Education $934
Master of Education $934
Endorsement and Licensure Programs $934
Education Specialist $934
Engineering Management  
Master of Science $1,286
Exercise and Nutrition Science  
Master of Science $930
Film and Creative Media  
Master of Arts $966
Master of Fine Arts $966
Pharmacy and Health Sciences  
Doctor of Pharmacy $37,938/yr
Master of Science (Health Care Informatics) $1,000
Certificate Program (Health Care Informatics) $1,000
Psychology and Counseling  
Master of Marriage and Family Therapy $898
Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling  $898
Master of Science in Psychology $898
Master of Science $1,274
Doctor of Ministry $333
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry $898
Master of Divinity $898
Master of Theological Studies $898

Financial Aid

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