The courses below have not been finalized and are subject to change:

BY 1003—Fundamentals of Biology
This course is offered for the non-biology major and is designed to develop an interest in the biological world of which we are all a part. The fundamental principles of biology will be covered, and special consideration will be given to ethical issues with a biological basis. This course does not count toward a biology major.

PS 1113—Introduction to Psychology 
An introductory course covering a variety of topics within the field of psychology such as sensation-perception, consciousness, learning and memory, motivation, emotion, development, attitudes, and others.

BA 1013—Foundations of Business: A Christian Perspective
This course is the introductory course for students majoring in business. The course is designed for students to develop an awareness of God-given strengths. Students will also be exposed to business issues of globalization, entrepreneurship, ethics, and social responsibility. A project-based format will be used to introduce students to various business disciplines. Students will also examine potential careers in each business discipline.

CO 1003— Introduction to Communication
This course is an introduction to the principles of interpersonal, small group, public, and mass communication. The course includes theory, application, and performance.

HN 1003— A Study of Nashville: Interpreting Meaning from the Built Environment
This course blends traditional classroom instruction with experiential learning to ask and answer a central question: How does Nashville present itself to various groups (residents of the city, residents of Tennessee, and tourists)? The course assumes that a city is a “text” which can be read in a way analogous to reading a book. By exploring different aspects of the city, students understand how Nashville constructs meaning for all those who live or visit here.

AR 2313— Fundamentals of Photography
This is an introductory course in basic studio practice in black and white photography.  The course will cover basic principles, creative use of the camera, and printing techniques with emphasis on photography as a fine art, stressing beginning visual awareness and craftsmanship.  Through a variety of exercises and projects, the student will become familiar with photo materials, processes, techniques and two-dimensional composition.  Students must provide the following materials for this course:

  • One 35mm camera with manual exposure controls and a working exposure meter. If you have questions about a camera you already have or questions about purchasing one, please feel free to email the professor. Photographic Systems Unlimited in Nashville often stocks good, inexpensive, used cameras.
  • One box of Ilford Multigrade RC paper 8×10, 100 sheets 
  • One clean hand towel (this is required in order to work in the lab)
  • One combination lock for your locker 
  • Exploring Black and White Photography, by Joy McKenzie (this textbook is optional)