Overview & Events


Lipscomb Academy offers an enriching, dynamic, and well-rounded experience for students of all ages and backgrounds. From the first step onto the school’s beautifully manicured campus, students (and parents) know they are in a very special place.

From a learning standpoint, students experience kind, caring teachers deeply invested in the child’s educational success. With low student/teacher ratios across the school, engaging coursework, and connections to the university, students are immersed in an unparalleled learning environment.

Students participate in daily spiritual activities such as Chapel and Bible class. These and other activities are designed to enhance students’ knowledge of Biblical teaching while helping them to practically apply Christ-centered principles.

What is school without a little fun and socializing? Lipscomb Academy students are surrounded by opportunities for involvement in clubs, volunteer organizations, athletics and fine arts activities. The school’s university connection creates even more unique prospects for fun as students can cheer on their own “backyard” collegiate team or participate in a myriad of social/volunteer activities through the university.

Lipscomb Academy student life is marked by progressive learning, spiritual formation, relationship development and just plain fun. There is always something for students to do and new ways for students to connect.