IGNITE -STEM is available to 10th-12th grade students who are interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, math, or other related fields. Students will be exposed to high-quality, specialized learning and hands-on experiences through Lipscomb University and community partners.



To be considered for admittance, students must fill out an application, submit a reference form from a current teacher, and have at least a 3.0 average.



  • Students must accumulate 10 credits of learning experiences during their time in IGNITE.
  • During the year-long program, students must have at least 5 different types of learning experiences.
  • Students must maintain a portfolio of their learning experiences and give a capstone presentation.


Examples of learning experiences for IGNITE - STEM

  • Field trip to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2 credits) - Students spent the day touring the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, the Graphite Reactor and the Spallation Neutron Source, as well as hear about internships, supercomputing in the private section and climate change science. We will concluded the visit by touring the ROBOTICS FIRST activities at the Oak Ridge High School. 
  • Engineering at Vanderbilt  (1 credit)- Engineering professors from Vanderbilt, came to Lipscomb to discuss opportunities for engineering majors at Vanderbilt.
  • Technology in Sports (1 credit) - Students met with Chad Carson at 247Sports to tour the facilities and discuss the technologies involved in collecting, presenting and marketing data in high school sports.  
  • Construction Engineering - (1 credit)  American Constructors hosted the engineering event of the mechanics and infrastructure of making ice for the Nashville Predators ice hockey rink. The tour presentation include scientific principles such as the effect of sub-freezing temperature on building components and subsurface; humidity control; requirements for flat concrete and ice consistency; durability of building components required for hockey play and safety requirements. The tour was conducted by a licensed civil engineer. 
  • Health Informatics and Analysis (1 credit) -Mr. Mark Tumblin, Founder/President/Consultant at Ascent Health Information Technology, discussed how 21st Century STEM will reform healthcare. Ascent Health Information Technology is a health information engineering and analytics company working with health care facilities and offices throughout the United States and are heavily involved in solving problems in the new healthcare paradigm. 
  • Computing Technology at Lipscomb University (1 credit) -Students met with Professor Steve Nordstrom and other faculty and staff of the School of Computing and Informatics at Lipscomb University to discuss computer-related careers, individually built a computer from component parts and program it for a selected game.
  • Meteorology, Weather Forecasting (1 credit) -Students traveled to the WZTV Fox 17 television studio and met with Craig Edwards, Channel 17 morning meteorologist and weather forecaster, to discuss how the STEM disciplines are involved in determining and producing weather forecasts. 


Portfolio/ Capstone Presentation: Students are required to maintain a portfolio detailing their IGNITE experiences. Students will be required to give a capstone presentation at the year-end reception.


How do I apply for IGNITE? Please see the instructions posted at the bottom of the IGNITE homepage.