IGNITE Health Sciences





IGNITE Health Sciences will be available to 10th-12th grade students who are interested in pursuing careers in all fields of medicine. This includes becoming a Physician, Nurse, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist, Nutritionist, or Sports Medicine Provider among other health care occupations. Students will be exposed to high-quality, specialized learning and workshop experiences through Lipscomb University and other resources in addition to exposure to a variety of health science careers. Training and certification in First Aid, Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation and Auto-defibrillation will be completed.



To be considered for admittance, students must fill out an application, submit a reference form from a current teacher, and have at least a 3.0 average.



  • Students must accumulate 10 credits of learning experiences during their time in IGNITE.
  • During the year-long program, students must have at least 5 different types of learning experiences.
  • Students must maintain a portfolio of their learning experiences and give a capstone presentation.


Examples of learning experiences from IGNITE HEALTH SCIENCES:

  • CPR and First Aid Training which resulted in American Heart Association Certification for students involved. (2 credits)
  • Introduction to Physical Diagnosis training in which students learned basics of taking blood pressures, using ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes to check vital signs of patients (1 credit)
  • Field trip to Elite Sports Medicine and St. Thomas rehabilitation (2 credits)
  • Visit to the MASH unit at Lipscomb University which explained how the military set up mobile medical treatment facilities (1 credit)
  • Tour and panel discussions with the nursing department at Lipscomb University (1 credit)
  • Popcorn and Movie matinees to see and discuss the good and bad aspects of health science related fields (1 credit)
  • Workshop sponsored by the Lipscomb University Pharmacy department in which students discussed toxicology, compounding and nuclear medicine (1 credit)
    News Flash: Health Science Students See "Beyond the Counter" at the Pharmacy School
  • Panel discussion with Pre-professional Biology department at the University which included discussions with current students, an introduction to x-rays and an introduction into EKGs (1 credit)
  • Christmas dinner sponsored and prepared by the Lipscomb University dietetics department. (1 credit)
  • Lipscomb University Pharmacy School helped students practice compounding and dispensing of medicine. (1credit)
  • Visit to Lipscomb University Kinesiology department to participate in some interactive wellness assessments. (1 credit)
  • Shadowing of a medical professional. (1 credit)
  • Visit to Lipscomb University Chemistry department to explore the importance of chemistry to the medical field. (1 credit)
  • Field trip to a medical clinic, pharmacy, rehab center and dentist office. (2 credits)


In the 2015-2016 IGNITE - Health Sciences program, we hope to repeat many of these learning experiences, but may offer some different activities too. Students may also submit their own ideas for learning experiences. These must be approved by the Director of the program.


Portfolio/Capstone Presentation: Students are required to maintain a portfolio detailing their IGNITE experiences. Students will be required to give a capstone presentation at the year-end reception.


How do I apply for IGNITE? Please see the instructions posted at the bottom of the IGNITE homepage.