IGNITE Civics and Law





IGNITE Civics and Law is available to 10th-12th grade students who are interested in pursuing careers in government, law, civil service, civic leadership, or other related fields. Students will be exposed to high-quality, specialized learning and hands-on experiences through Lipscomb University and community partners.



To be considered for admittance, students must fill out an application, submit a reference form from a current teacher, and have at least a 3.0 average.



  • Students must accumulate 10 credits of learning experiences during their time in IGNITE.
  • During the year-long program, students must have at least 5 different types of learning experiences.
  • Students must maintain a portfolio of their learning experiences and give a capstone presentation.


Examples of learning experiences from the IGNITE CIVICS AND LAW program:

  • Leadership and Team-Building Exercises with the Andrews Institute at Lipscomb University. (1 credit)
  • Government and Law Field Experience Day - students went to the Capitol for a meeting with the Governor; spent time in mock legislation in the House Chamber; travelled to the Metro Courthouse to meet with the Chief Public Defender; went to the Criminal Courthouse to sit in on Judge Dozier’s courtroom; spent time with him in his chambers. (2 credits)
  • Roundtable Discussion with Prof Randy Spivey at the Institute for Law, Justice and Society at Lipscomb University. (1 credit)
  • Human Docs Film: I Learn America alongside University students. (1 credit)
  • Walkabout Nashville with Non-Profit Organizer, Lindsay Krinks, who took the students downtown to work with the homeless of Nashville. (2 credits)
  • Human Docs Film: Gideon’s Army alongside University students. (1 credit)
  • University Lecture: Gail Owens, former death row inmate at Lipscomb University. (1 credit)
  • Leadership and Team-Building Part 2 with a focus on conflict resolution. (1 credit)
  • Conflict Management Workshop - students explored the concept of conflict management with Phyllis Hildreth, academic director of Lipscomb University's Institute for Conflict Management. (2 credits)
  • Viewing and Discussion of the film I Am (1 credit)
  • Civil Rights Field Experience Day - students met with a university professor to discuss Lipscomb’s history with civil rights; traveled to the First Amendment Center to tour and meet with John Seigenthaler; viewed the film The Freedom Riders.
  • Mock Trial Competition - students participated in or observed Lipscomb Academy’s Mock Trial team. (2 credits)


For the 2015-2016 IGNITE - Civics and Law program we hope to repeat many of these learning experiences, but may offer some different activities too. Students may also submit their own ideas for learning experiences. These must be approved by the Director of the program.


Portfolio/ Capstone Presentation: Students are required to maintain a portfolio detailing their IGNITE experiences. Students will be required to give a capstone presentation at the year-end reception.


How do I apply for IGNITE? Please see the instructions posted at the bottom of the IGNITE homepage.