Faith in Action Spotlight July



The 2013 Service Camp was one of the many opportunities offered by the Summer Experience program at Lipscomb Academy. Carol Witt, an 8th grade girls Bible teacher, supervised the weeklong camp that was available for middle and high school students. Central to Lipscomb Academy’s mission, the camp was dedicated to serving others.


The group began on Monday and visited Granny White Church of Christ where the group of students had the opportunity to give back to the church located next

to the Academy that has been extremely benevolent to Lipscomb Academy and Lipscomb University for many years. While at Granny White, the campers cleaned the entire auditorium, put down mulch outside, carried away tree trimmings from the lawn, washed and folded clothes leftover from church camp and cleaned the grill the church uses frequently during the summer months.


The campers reassembled on Tuesday morning to visit Lakeshore Heartland Nursing Home.  The students, ranging in grades 6-10, visited with the residents at the nursing home for the entire day. While they were there, the campers polished the resident’s fingernails, read the Bible to them and looked through photo albums with the residents.


On Wednesday the service group went to Healing Hands International, an organization devoted to “extending the love of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world.” While at Healing Hands, the group from Lipscomb Academy cleaned windows, weeded the garden and composted the weeds.  Healing Hands employees showed the students photos of some of the people the organization has helped over the years. “It was neat for the students to be able to help an organization that helps others, to serve an organization with a mission to serve,” said Carol Witt. 


Thursday the campers visited Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Inc., and were able to help the disaster response team by packing supply boxes to be sent to Moore, Oklahoma for workers still involved after a tornado hit the area on May 20, 2013.  The group assembled in the supply-filled warehouse and began work packing box after box to be sent to the relief effort. For Carol Witt, this project was especially gratifying because she grew up in Oklahoma and was thrilled to be able to help in some way.


On Friday, the last day of the camp, the campers spent the day on the Lipscomb campus where they walked neighborhood dogs and picked up trash from around the campus. They also revisited Granny White Church of Christ to wash and clean a church bus that they were unable to finish on Monday.


“These kids never complained, they never stopped; the hearts of these kids gives me hope for the future,” said Carol Witt.


Witt plans to do the camp again in the summer of 2014 and plans are already in the works to volunteer at an animal shelter and organize a carwash as a fundraiser to be able to donate financially to each of the organizations they will serve.