What is IGNITE?


Because of its unique placement on a university campus, Lipscomb Academy is able to offer an innovative opportunity to its high school students: IGNITE at Lipscomb Academy. Students who apply and are accepted into a one-year IGNITE program will experience learning outside of the traditional classroom in areas of study that particularly interest them.



Students in IGNITE programs will:

  • ENGAGE in learning through university interactions, panel discussions, and workshops.
  • EXPAND their skills through training sessions, fieldtrips, and volunteer programs.
  • EXPLORE their future through focused counseling, shadowing professionals, and visiting various workplaces.


For the 2015-2016 School Year we will offer four unique IGNITE programs:

  • IGNITE – Civics and Law
  • IGNITE – Health Sciences
  • IGNITE- Business.


IGNITE Civics & Law

IGNITE Health Sciences


IGNITE Business


Why should a student participate in IGNITE?


Here are some of the benefits for students:

  • More focused when entering college
  • More specific skills when entering college, such as CPR or debating skills
  • Opportunities to meet professors in a major
  • Opportunities to meet professionals in a variety of careers
  • A better understanding of careers that will be available to them
  • An improved resume/college application—more competitive for big scholarships


When does the IGNITE program begin for a student?

Students may begin applying for one of the IGNITE programs in February . Applications are due April 10th and students will be notified of their acceptance in early-May. The group of students accepted will then participate in an orientation and training session in May. The following April, students will finish their IGNITE program with a formal capstone presentation and reception.


What does it cost to participate in IGNITE?

The cost for participating in one of the IGNITE programs is $350 per student per year. Registration Fee is due at the student orientation session in May.


When will IGNITE activities take place?

Some day-long or half-day activities may take place on teacher in-service days or during normal school hours. Students can also choose from an assortment of activities that fit into their already busy schedules. This could include afternoon, evening or Saturday opportunities.


IGNITE at Lipscomb Academy Steps for Application

  1. Complete the application which can be found at the bottom of this page.
  2. Send an e-mail to one of your current teachers asking for a reference. Please include an explanation and the link to this webpage in your e-mail.

For example: “Mr. ___________, I am applying for the IGNITE Civics and Law program. Would you please complete a recommendation for me? The recommendation form can be found at www.lipscomb.edu/academy/Ignite. Thank you, ________”


Applications and Reference Letters are due by April 10th.


Your application and teacher recommendation will be reviewed by the director of the IGNITE program for which you have applied and the IGNITE committee. You will be notified of acceptance in early May.


If you have any questions during the application process, please contact the High School Counseling office.


IGNITE Application

IGNITE Reference