Technology - Searching Resources

Internet Searching

Internet Searching Training Class - Outline and Notes

Google -

Google Search Education - lessons from Google on searching

Twitter -!/search-home (Video 1:48)

YouTube -

Pinterest -

Sweetsearch - - uses evaluated websites

Shmoop - - online study guides by educators (Video - 2:54)

Wolfram Alpha - - computational knowledge engine (Video - 1:20)

Compfight - search for Creative Commons images


Google Search Tools - tips, tricks, tools, and help from Google - inside search features from Google - compare search volume patterns

Google Art Project - explore museums and artwork around the world

Google Sky - view celestial objects from the moon to galaxies

Google Moon - explore the moon and Apollo landings

Google Mars - explore Mars

Google Trends - explore trends of search terms

Google Translate - online translation

Google Books - search and preview millions of books

Google Scholar - search scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources

Google Images - search images